Customer Comments



I started taking my dog Sadie to Canine to Five three years ago.  As a veterinarian, I very much appreciate having such amazing people to help care for the dogs in our community.  Hiromi and Suzuki have been a major part in helping Sadie to overcome significant fear issues and other behaviors associated with her previous life before she was rescued.  They are also a tremendous resource for helping people raise their dogs in the most healthy way (inside and out).  
I wholeheartedly give them 5 plus stars on every level. 


My  Golden Retriever, Charlie, was suffering from severe skin allergies-  he scratched all of the time! It got so bad,  I had to put an inflatable collar on him when I was at work, or he'd make himself bleed. 
After one "microbubble" bath, he is a changed dog! I can't wait to see what he's like after the next one! He is so calm now and hardly scratches at all!
Thank you, Canine to Five!