One On One Self Confident Management Dog Grooming

Our Ultimate Goal Is To Make A Happy Environment For Everybody.

 Most Grooming Shops Are Having Multiple Dogs At The Time, Barking Is Constantly, Running Cage Dryers And Using Multiple Blow Dryers. All That Loud Noise And Negative Energy Are Making Your Pet Uncomfortable.

One On One Grooming Is The Best Way To Reduce Grooming Stresses.


price - Hair cut+Bath

  • Small Dog $65-80

  • Medium Dog $80-100

  • Large Dog $100-150  

price - Bath 

  • Small Dog $45-60

  • Medium Dog $60-80

  • Large $65-130

**This Prices Are Just A Estimate. Additional Fee May Apply For Matting And Other Difficulties. 


De-Shedding on Labrador Retriever


All Scissors trimming on Pomeranian

By appointment only. Call for more info & appointment!

*Grooming is at 2423 Morena Blvd Location.